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I was thrilled to be granted a credit limit with Wards, which I now know is no longer the Montgomery Wards of yesterday. I am overall very pleased with the company. Currently, I have a credit limit of 500 with a balance of less than 50 bucks. I placed an order last week for about 200 and was told that I would need to pay half to have the order fulfilled.

I just don't think that this is having credit and should not be listed as such. With every order you are reviewed each time, like you are a baby. I thought they were giving me a chance. Incidently, it is the same for the other account I have with the sister companies of Seventh Avenue.

Still waiting...

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I have been using Fingerhut and my credit score has climbed 40 points in the last 3 months. They do report to the credit agencies each time you make a payment

to Ronni #1436753

I have a finger hut too, my score dropped 45 points. I have always paid off my entire balance in full.

to Sunnyt #1484415

never pay off in full. dont use more than 1/3 of allowed.

leave it at 10 bucks a month balance. it will go up.


My husband got a catalog that said pre-approved for$300. We purchased a $180 item.

We've paid it down to $66. That was in May. In October it shows up on our credit report and says we owe $66and that our limit is$66. So it says we are using 100% of our limit.

This caused my credit score to drop by 65 points. That is ridiculous.

I don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?

to Carole #1413771

Im having the same problem

to Carole #1428798

Report them to credit bureau, and duspute it, the problem is most people don't take the time or effort to dispute your credit report and if they did you will see how fast they work they will take it off of there you'll see


I have never heard of this company but recently have been inundated with mail telling me I have a credit limit with them and that my order is on it's way to an address in the USA.

I live in the UK and have never opened an account with this company nor placed any orders of any description.

I have now forwarded emails to the UKE CRIME investigation department.

Sacramento, California, United States #1277781


Mountain View, California, United States #1194524


This "Montgomery Wards" is not the original department store that went out of business in the 1980s, or 1990s.

This company is actually a catalog order company, similar to Fingerhut, and what I know is a company called Swiss Colony (which sells candy, etc) this Swiss Colony company bought the name of Montgomery Wards, and now they peddle overpriced junk using the name of Montgomery Ward.

This company does NOT report payments to the 3 credit bureaus, and therefore this so called credit card is useless.

The merchandise is overpriced and this company is preying on people the same way Fingerhut does.

Don't fall for this ***!

Also stay away from Fingerhut. If you have bad credit, go to your local credit union and open a secured credit card. Or try a legit bank like Capital One, because they work with people who have bad credit. Pay off charge offs or collections.

This will help. If you have just terrible credit consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1279009

Atleast fingerhut dosent make you pay for half

to Anonymous #1457146

I have finger hut and started out with a 400 credit limit, 3 months later 800 and now I am at 1400. My credit score increased by 30 points. There must be something else going on.

to Anonymous #1484418

bad advice never pay charges offs and never pay SOL. Statue of Limitations.


U dont Bankrupt. unless yes u are in astronomical trouble.


Same thing here ,crazy


The same happened to me thats not credit . SO WHAT IS THE POINT!!!!!!!!!

Dont know about others but thats not helpful for me. If you are going to give me credit ( GIVE ME CREDIT )


It depends on your credit if you have to pay half or not


Is there anything recent? Has any of this stuff changed?

I called a customer service representative to explain all of this to me when I received your cataog... She was awesome!!! Now I'm reading this, and realizing, not only did she BOLD faced lie to me... But embellished on that lie by telling me to check out your sister companies..

I'm very disappointed..

She also said this would help me build a credit rating.. Glad I didn't waste my time shopping, or gettn mine or my kids hopes up..


Thanks for infoqefbeiu


I was given a credit limit of $450. First time I placed a order no proble, when my statement arrived I paid the balance off, next time I ordered a microwave oven, was sent a email and told I had to pay half of the price. Keep your credit limit, no point in having a limit if you have to pay before ordering

to Anonymous Patterson, California, United States #1145523

I agree, I have the same problem. A real credit card doesn't require a down payment


I have the same problem. Not only do they make you pay half, they do a hard inquiry on your credit.

What makes this worse, is they don't even report a good payment history to any of the credit agencies. I will not be ordering anymore from them.

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