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I received an invoice from Montgomery Ward with my name and address on it. I thought to myself this is strange, I didn't think they even existed any more.

I looked closer and noticed the product ordered was delivered to someone who lived in Staten Island, NY, which definitely is not where I live. I called the customer service number listed on the notice and they told me they discovered this was fraud and told me to contact my credit companies to put a fraud alert on my phone. They wanted my last four digits to verify it was me, and I told them no way, I am not giving you my information.

I think this is a scam. They said they were going to send me something in the mail about the fraudulent purchase, however I have not received anything.

Reason of review: stolen credit.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: refund me for my time and efforts trying to get this corrected from my credit reports..

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I received the same, but they sent me two packages with my name and address on it. I called customer service and they told me they were sending a fraud packet as told to the others.

The thing with me is I have a freeze on my credit and it has being in place for 10 years. There is no record of a new account opened in my name.

It is clearly fraud. These thieves are getting so creativity


I received my nice new green Montgomery Ward catalog just last month. This stinks and appears to be either a scam or a bad apple.

They have ratings to match the previous sentence on BBB (www.bbb.org). Actually, I knew it looked too good to be true, but as somebody who hates scams and such, thought I'd look into the matter and post right here for everybody else to see.


I actually just got the same letter and frantically running around putting a fraud alert on my credit and they said that they had my social security number and the item was being shipped to somewhere in Miami where I do not live the sheriff's office said it is a scam but I'd like to know where they got my social security number.


Same thing happened to me. I just called them and they also said they were going to send me a fraud package that need to be completed and returned.

What I find strange is the fraud package.

I never experience a credit card issue who sends out a fraud package. I have to assume that this package is the key for them to steal your identity.

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